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聯 系 人:雍總
手   機:13852290088
電   話:025-58716696,58716691
傳   真:025-58719060
地   址:南京安德門大街10號花神科技園2棟605室
電   話:025-56670799.58717201
傳   真:025-58717202

About Us


Nanjing marked a new special warehousing equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in warehousing and ancillary equipment manufacturers manufacturers, with professional technology and advanced complete profile rolling, shelf processing, pickling phosphating, paint treatment, surface spray one-stop production lines, a professional construction to facilitate quick installation and after sale service team.
The company ed high-quality raw materials, is committed to all kinds of adjustable storage shelf assembly test, tunnel shelves, hollow-through shelves, mobile shelves, gravity shelves and material storage apparatus design, manufacture, installation. Widely used in various shopping malls, supermarkets, factories, banks, offices, medical, transportation, education, library, exhibition hall and other businesses.
The companys leading technology, products reach the perfect customer service, timely service, for your dedicated service.
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